What This Is About

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey! I highly doubt people will actually read this. But I don’t give two shits. Yes, I forewarn, I will curse my fair share, but it will be sparingly… mainly when I am really upset about something and I feel people should know. I will be using this blog spot as a way for me to get my feeling across about life in general, music, and stuff like that. Um, I don’t care if you leave comments on anything (negative or positive). If it’s negative, I don’t care, you’ll probably get a rude reply. Umm, as far as positive posts go, I love positive feedback. Although negative criticism is good too. If I find ways of posting pictures, I’ll post them too… I take some strange, yet semi cool looking pictures. I listen to music a lot, so I’ll be posting a lot of song lyrics too. I also have favorite quotes from my favorite bands, that I can completely agree with so I may try to explain why I actually like and agree with the quote. So, I think that is all for now. I’ll post my first set of lyrics or something in a while maybe. But like I said, I highly doubt anyone will read this, so I’m probably talking to myself at this point. But I don’t care. I do that on a daily basis anyway. 


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