Alright, now we all know that I am against bullying. Bullying is a way to make the one who is bullying feel better about themselves. I was bullied constantly becasue I was different. I kept to myself in high school, listened to music everyone thought was “scarey”, I was actually told to kill myself. I didn’t, obvisously, becasue I am writing this blog. I politely told the one who told me to go kill myself, GO FUCK OFF DICKHEAD. Lets just say, after that, no one told me to go kill myself again. After high school they figured out the lyrics to what I was listening to. They quickly found out what it was like for them bullying me. I am proud to say, that the wounds that they gave me in high school are stitched – doesn’t mean they are healed. Emontional wounds are never healed, we can stitch them and give them a false identity, but thats about it. They will never go away, they are there until the day we die.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, basically, don’t bully. It’s stupid and fucking ridiculous and pointless. Everyone reallt is created equal. The thing that really only sets us apart is our social staus in high school. You have the popular group, nerds/geeks, band geeks, emo, and so on. So for those in any clique, FUCK YOU ALL. There I said it. Enough said.

For those who are being bullied –
Just be yourself. Fuck what other people are saying about you. Do what YOU love doing, listen to whatever music YOU want to listen to, dress how YOU want to dress. Being YOU is the best thing for you. You are the only person who can tell you NO. Don’t listen to what anyone is saying about you.


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